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Tourist Routes

Tourist routes The Mountain Of The Cross "On our Top" is the path of natural education, which the route has 1300 m. The path starts at the foot of the mountain of the cross – one of the most picturesque places of the municipality of St. Petersburg....see more

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The Church Of St. Barbara

Built before the end of the 14th century. Designed in the initial period of the Jewish synagogue. After the expulsion of the Jews in r. 1454, taken over by Catholics and dedicated to the Saint. Barbara. A small Gothic church with a single nave,...see more

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Chapel of St. Antoni

An example of the Gothic building for religious purposes and defence. Built as a defensive basteja at the gate of the New, in the 15th century. The Interior of the set is arched with spotting scopes. The main altar is a polychrome wood, Baroque,...see more

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Chapel of St. Jadwiga

Mentioned already in r. 1372 as a hospital chapel. . Jadwiga. Rebuilt to the status quo in the r. 1460. In 1819 changed the feature on Funeral Chapel, because around the decorated new City Cemetery. The Chapel is the nave, dwuprzęsłową with a...see more

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Market Tower

The original town hall tower built in the second half of the 14th century. preserved as the only medieval building fragment the market. On the roof of the Renaissance Tower railing, inside the Bell of the r. 1365. In 1999, after 10 years of...see more

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Medieval walls

Built between 1291 – 1299 at the command of Duke Bolko II. Preserved until today fragments are located in the southern part of the old town by the railway Viaduct (partly destroyed). The best preserved fragments are from the West in the City Park of...see more

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Cycling routes

Cycling routes have been planned for people of varying physical condition, lead field roads or bitumen of different difficulty. Strzegom-Granite Top Distance: 19.09 km Starting point: St. Petersburg Category: Mountain Difficulty: Moderate The...see more

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Winter sports resorts

Myrtle Beach because of its location it may be attractive to tourists all year round. Near the city are the main ski resorts in Karpacz, Szklarska Poręba, but for beginners, we have: Top Dzikowiec Close to Strzegom (only 48 minutes) the road is...see more

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City baths connected to the House of peoples

Opened 5 XII 1905 were to use the patriotic society of women. Equipped with baths for those times very richly in bathtubs, showers, sauna, there are also therapeutic baths. In the House of peoples was a library, reading room, school, household,...see more

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County monuments

Palace complex in Żelazowie From the 17th century. rebuilt in 1830. Park with a rich stand. Currently in private hands. Palace Moravia Of the 18th century. surrounded by the historic beautiful park. Currently, the stud farm and nursery...see more

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Board Of Land Tradition After Her Death Board of Land Tradition after her death, which is kind of the regional Museum is located in the old building of the pokarmelitańskiego monastery, originating in 1720. The Board officially opened in the Holy...see more

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Recurring events

  Recurring events The activities of the Strzegomski cultural centre is based inter alia on recurring events. Such events include: Final Of The Great Orchestra Of Christmas Charity In Strzegom as well as in many other cities and towns of...see more

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