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December 11, 2014

Recurring events


Recurring events

The activities of the Strzegomski cultural centre is based inter alia on recurring events. Such events include:

Final Of The Great Orchestra Of Christmas Charity

In Strzegom as well as in many other cities and towns of Polish game great Orchestra of Christmas charity. Patron of the event sprawowuje Strzegomskie cultural centre of culture, where every year the ORCHESTRA Staff is created. In Strzegom performs monetary collection fifty volunteers. On strzegomski the market look Strzegomskie cultural kindergartens, elementary schools and lower secondary schooling, folklore ensemble “Kostrzanie” and youth vocal and instrumental. During the concert takes place auction gadgets … and auction stuff donated by residents of the city and the municipality of St. Petersburg.

“The feast of the Open Hearts”-January

Action of 11-year tradition, whose ultimate goal is the Organization of winter holidays for children from families with low material status. During the public holidays in the month of January are organized the following events:
• Concert of Christmas carols and Pastorales
• Secondary Play Dance and sing
• Overview of the Economics and small Theatrical Forms
• Carnival Concert
• Carnival Of Preschoolers
• Presentations Of Theatrical Circles Stage High School
• Nativity play in the implementation of the Kindergarten # 2
• Live bands Rock and hip-hop

Wedding invitations-February

Strzegomskie cultural cultural centre organizes a wintering place for ok. 50 children from families with low material status. * Program includes daily 3 hour teaching classes. Classes are held both in the building of the SCK and outdoors. There are art classes, competitions, fun sports and leisure facilities, discos, video projections. Children are given hot drinks, sweet buns, sweets and prizes for participating in competitions. At the end of the winter camps is a bus trip combined with sausages, competitions on snow characters and tobogganing.

Strzegomskie cultural meetings with Theater-March

In the block party under this heading involved pre-school and school theaters amateur acting in the municipality of St. Petersburg. Within the framework of the Meetings of the Theatre are also organized meetings in the club music lover and trips to the drama theatre in wałbrzych, Wrocław Lower Silesian Opera, Operetta, and many others. This event is always accompanied by an exhibition of posters and theatrical costumes.

Easter Market

The event, held every year on Palm Sunday is aimed at cultivating a vanishing tradition. Presentation of reeds, palm, Easter eggs and Easter tables accompanied by tasting of dishes and pastries. In the preparation of the Easter Fair attended rural schools, nurseries and kindergartens, Housewives and Section Embroidery running at Strzegomski cultural centre.

Earth Days After Her Death,

A series of events organized by the City Hall and Strzegomskie cultural centre of culture to promote cultural acquis of the municipality of St. Petersburg. During the celebration of the organizers are preparing a rich program of events, and the scene looked stars such as:
• Ich Troje, tears, Ray Charles, t. Love, Perfect, Zbigniew Wodecki, Who and many others
• within the framework of the celebrations of the Days of the Earth after her death, is also open chess tournament for the cup of the President of the City Council, and a Fishing Tournament.

Children’s Day-June

OSiR Stadium hosts festivals dedicated to all children to celebrate their holidays. The artistic presentations, children from kindergarten and schools strzegomskich, numerous contests and games make children a lot of joy. Rounding out the fun is inviting children’s movie stars.

Safe summer-June/July

Półkolonie summer organized by Strzegomskie cultural center of culture, and subsidized by the agricultural property Agency and municipal office in Strzegom include coverage over the entire municipality of Strzegom. This action gives you the ability to attractive spend 2 weeks ok. 1,000 children.

Educational program-tutorial, which were covered by the colonists points out the basic elements: the Elimination of aggression, wake up the values in a group and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle free from addictions. In the time we have reckless four classes children receive hot meals and sweets. There are also contests with prizes. Within the framework of the activities of sport and recreational activities are organized bonfires with sausages and learn songs kolonijnych.

Tournament Of The Village

A series of events under the slogan of the Grand tournament of the village already has its tradition. For several years, compete the villages of our municipality. Riders take part in sports competitions, artistic competition. The premise of the tournament is a wide presentation of artistic achievements and economic and, above all, the integration of the rural environment.

Communal Harvest Festival

The annual custom of harvest festival is celebrated throughout the country. The organizer of the harvest festival of the municipality of Strzegom is annually one of the community of strzegomskich village, with substantial help of instructors Strzegomski cultural center. Artistic program prepared by primary school students closely is associated with the idea of celebration, and our native Folk Bands Kostrzanie, Goczałkowianki and Olszaniacy represent the songs and dances from different regions of Polish. Guest appearances include also the stars of the Polish stage, and they were: a team of “Orpheus”, Hank Bielicka, Krivan, Cabaret.

The autumn camping – September

In the month of September in the city there are the autumn Camping. Great fun in the autumn afternoon is at Grabach, Cottages, Estate stoneware, hubs and in the square. The Church. The common focus of the baking potatoes, lots of competitions, games and play is a great form of entertainment for the little ones. The autumn camping are carried out with the support of the municipality Of Alcohol Prevention.

Meeting with religious and Reflective-October

Convention Meetings with religious and Reflective at the turn of a dozen or so years now has a small change. Above all, they are not organized in the form of the selection board. The organizers of the special emphasis on the exchange of experiences and forms of evangelization of the song. Living joy be with common singing and a special atmosphere during the event leaves behind a unique aesthetic experience and artistic.