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Recreation in Strzegom

September 18, 2016


Pool complex outdoor


Thanks to the use of stainless steel water basins has a deep blue colour. Such a solution makes the swimming pool is easy to maintain, and the cost of its operation. This is the fourth in Poland, and the first in Lower Silesia swimming pool made of stainless steel. Swimming pools are heated. This allows a period of use of the object increases to up to five months. A large swimming pool is 50 m long and 20 m wide.


It is equipped with two trampolines – one has a 3 m tall, and the other is 1 m. In addition, there are 4 tracks for swimming to the posts starting, benches and couches, artificial cave, Wild River, massage, neck massage, climbing NET with the island and slides with a length of 71.5 m.


Also the ageing platforms were built. The big attraction is the children’s pool. It is modern with an unusual kształ2qacie. The youngest is a slide from the laminate polyester, pet, water-rhinoceros “Bubu”, stairs and water slides, claiming is free to sit in the pool and the Hedgehog is glowing with water. In addition, children can enjoy the mini playground.

Morava-Horse Riding Stragonaimages

Horse riding Stragona hotel is located in the the village of Moravia/5 km from Strzegom/at the Hippodrome. 14 Jazłowieckich Uhlan Regiment.


Has a modern infrastructure – stables, squares exercise and competition screenings. Horseback riding, Riding School and Guest House leads Stragona for horses.

Every year in the riding school more than 20 equestrian events organised Stragona, regional, national and international, in four equestrian disciplines-dressage, show jumping, wkkw, combined driving. The most important event is held every year in June the international St. Petersburg Horse Trials, in which every year takes off more than 300 horses.


Casual horse riding Stragona invites you to:
• horse-drawn carriage rides/bryczka czteroosoba/
• drive wagonetą/bryczka for eighteen people/
• horse przejażdżczki in the field with an instructor
• horse around
• individual riding with an instructor
• Group riding with an instructor
• individual horse riding for beginners with an instructor-lunge
• oprowadzanki on a pony for children

Horse riding Stragona – located 5 km from the Strzegom-serves:
-horse-drawn carriage rides/bryczka takes on one ride 4 persons/-150 €/h
-drive wagonetą/bryczka takes on one ride 18 people/-350 zł/h
-przejażdżczki horse in the field with an instructor – 100 PLN/person/h
– individual horseback riding with an instructor – 60 PLN/person/45 min.
-Group riding with an instructor-40 PLN/person/h
– individual horseback riding for beginners with an instructor-lunge-40 PLN/person/30 minutes.
-guided ride on pony-$ 40/person/30 minutes.

OSIR in Strzegom


Sports-Arena prepared for 316 seats. There is a Hall of judo, boxing, a gym, a sauna, 6 2 sports stores, with main room, conference room, small office, administrative, large room air conditioning. All solutions are perfect for in other facilities of this type. A new feature is used here the steel structure. The floor of the Hall is built on the grid, which acts as a shock absorber. It is very important for our joints. Baskets are suspended to the ceiling. The pitch is automatically split into 3 smaller training pitch size 11.5 x 6 m you can arrange 3 volleyball courts or 2 basketball baskets are height adjustable so they can them use both small children and adolescents from older classes.


Football field with dimensions of 46 x 24 m, is designed to play in:


• Basketball
• Volleyball
• ball guarantee
• Football
• Tennis

Are there training:
• Table tennis
• Archery
• Football
• Beach Volleyball
• Judo
• Boxing