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December 11, 2014


Board Of Land Tradition After Her Death

Board of Land Tradition after her death, which is kind of the regional Museum is located in the old building of the pokarmelitańskiego monastery, originating in 1720. The Board officially opened in the Holy Wproducts 23 June 2013. in CAS of caramel in Strzegom.

City Park at ul. Short in Strzegom

“Avenue of Sculptures” Exhibition granite outdoor sculptures

State Museum of Gross-Rosen in Rogoźnica.

Former concentration camp site with the wall of death, a mausoleum and a tiled krematoryjny. In the camp are presented numerous exhibitions, which show the history of the camp and the tragic fate of the imprisoned in them people. To the former camp can be reached well marked asphalt road in the direction of Kostrzy. Every year in September hosts manifestations room in memory of the victims of fascism.